Fall 2017 Program

Mentor STEM Leaders Program

This program is designed to provide students with the opportunity to gain insights from women with established careers, professional coaches, human resources specialists and, of course, their peers.


There are a limited number of spots available for students. Selection for participation is on a first-come, first-serve basis.  ** Registration is now closed.

Sessions are held in the evenings from 6-8 pm.

For inquiries about the program, please email us at info@mentorstemleaders.com

Fall 2017 schedule information:

Session 1: “Lead Yourself and Lead in Community”  (September 20 )

You will spend time getting to know each other through a variety of interactive exercises. The program format and objectives will be introduced and your input solicited to guide content delivery.  Introductions and explanations of concepts will be discussed – including coaches, mentors, mentees, leadership, developmental networks, mentoring circles.

Session 2: “WISE Choices and Transitions” (October 4 )

This session will be delivered in a mentoring-circles format. Senior professional women will be speaking and answering questions about their experiences with developing their careers in STEM. The format will be intimate and give you an opportunity to get to know the guest speakers and each other in groups of 6-8.

Session 3: “Thriving from the Inside Out” (October 18 )

This session will expose you to the experience of professional mentoring. A Certified Coach will provide you with the opportunity to ask those burning and practical questions about how you can prepare yourselves to embark on your professional lives and navigate challenges and opportunities along the way. You will be encouraged to focus internally and start developing the skills needed to guide you through your career choices with confidence and satisfaction.

Session 4: “WISE Advocacy” (November 1 )

This session will follow a peer-mentoring format. It will focus on how you can lead yourself and support others to pursue your professional aspirations in STEM.  You will be encouraged to express your ideas, execute them, and learn from one another, which is fundamental in developing relevant networks for the present and future.  A professional facilitator will guide your discussions, and provide insights about communication and how to advocate for ideas and change.

Session 5: “Thriving Enterprise” (November 15 )

This session will be delivered in a mentoring-circles format. Guest mentors are professional women who are taking positive and concrete steps to design their futures. This session will introduce you to the concept of entrepreneurial endeavors where you will help each other identify one initiative (beyond applying for a job) that you can take to make a difference for yourselves and others as developing STEM Leaders. The format will be intimate and give you an opportunity to get to know the guest speakers and each other in groups of 6-8.

Session 6: “Making the Creative Connection” (November 29 )

This session is about harnessing your creative energy to unplug, process, integrate learnings and propel yourself forward in whatever you choose to do. It is also an opportunity to have some fun before exams with your peers.

Celebration Session: “Legacy Leadership” (Winter 2018 )

This is the time to celebrate what was learned, shared and gained from the program. Guidance for how you can continue to pursue mentoring opportunities while studying and working will be offered while you connect with the support network you have created for the future.

Download current program flyer Mentor Stem Leaders Program Flyer - 2017-18_Final .

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