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Some links to articles and TEDTalks for reflection as you continue to learn and grow as mentors,  mentees and leaders throughout your careers.


How to Find the Right Mentor

How do I ask someone to be my mentor? 

Katharine Cornfield's  top "to-do's" on Delivering Leadership Outside of Work (full blog post here ) :

  1. JOIN   
  2. LEARN
  3. APPLY
  5. PRODUCE   

This blog is re-posted with permission from the Katharine Cornfield  and WIL Ottawa. 


Networking happens in all kinds of ways, it's not a "one size fits all" activity.  It doesn't only happen in a room full of strangers nor at an organized event, it can happen in a coffee lineup or a dinner party.  Don't approach networking in the mindset of "what they can do for me", think instead of  "what I can offer them".

Master the ask: What to do with all that networking 

5 Ways to Become Better at Networking

General Interest:


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The Worst Career Advice Women Get

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 Canada urgently needs diversity in science, tech, engineering and math: report

The power of parity:  Advancing women's equality in Canada

A tech career not just for gamers and AI enthusiasts, industry leaders tell women

TED Talks:

Sheryl Sandberg  (Facebook COO) :  Why We Have Too Few Women Leaders

Amy Cuddy (Social psychologist) : Your Body Language Shapes Who You Are